STC Pipeline Newsletter Edition 4 - July 2017

Licence lending is not allowed

The QBCC would like to remind licensees to not engage in licence lending or licence borrowing.

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Service Trades Council and QBCC visit Townsville

The Service Trades Council visited Townsville and held a forum for local members of the plumbing, drainage, fire protection and mechanical services industry.

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Hot water heater replacement compliance

Hot water heater replacements have a high rate of non-compliance, with up to 40% of installations failing to meet required standards.

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Plumbing Inspectors' Seminar

The Institute of Plumbing Inspectors' Queensland and the QBCC hosted the bi-annual Plumbing Inspectors' Seminar.

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Fitness and propriety extends to treatment of QBCC staff

The QBCC Commissioner, Brett Bassett, recently wrote to the State’s building and construction industry stakeholders with respect to an important matter affecting the QBCC.

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Metal water pipes can cause electric shock

If you are working on metal water pipes you must be aware of the risk of electric shock.

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Welcome to trade for apprentices

SkillsTech in conjunction with the QBCC put on a ‘Welcome to Trade’ breakfast event for new plumbing apprentices.

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Housing Strategy - Roadshow sessions

Open sessions for developers and trade contractors are being held across Queensland.



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