STC Pipeline Newsletter Edition 6 - December 2017

What is the difference between ‘replacing a pipe’ and ‘repairing a broken or damaged pipe’?

Schedule 3 Item 3 of the Standard Plumbing and Drainage Regulation 2003 provides that repairing a broken or damaged pipe is considered minor work....

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Plumber in recent electrical shock incident

The recent electrical shock of a plumber in the Cairns area is a reminder to all plumbers and contractors about the need to be vigilant when it comes to electrical safety..

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Appeals against decisions by local governments

If you disagree with a decision made by a local government about a plumbing application you have made or work you have performed, you may be able to lodge an appeal about the decision to the Development Tribunals...

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New variation allowed when installing solar water heater collection panels

Solar collector panels can be orientated within 90 degrees of north, due to a recent amendment made to the Standard Plumbing and Drainage Regulation 2003. The amendment is referred to as the Standard Plumbing and Drainage (Solar Heated Water Systems) Amendment Regulation 2017..

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Fire protection licensing review

The Department of Housing and Public Works has been working with the Fire Protection Working Group to modernise and simplify the QBCC fire protection licensing framework. The revised model is based on the four main streams of fire protection work...

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Communication Campaigns and Festive Season Office Closure

In December, we launched a property maintenance awareness campaign aimed at educating home owners about their responsibilities when it comes to property maintenance....

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