Tradie Tour - Hot Issues in the building and construction industry - November 2017

We presented hot issues in the building and construction industry in  November 2017. John Leslie from the Australian Window Association (AWA) was the special guest.

November Tradie Tour – Hot Issues in the building and construction industry 

Non-Conforming Building Products legislative reform – These laws place greater responsibility on everyone in the building product supply chain. 

  • Improving industry standards through compliance and enforcement - Some of QBCC's proactive measures include:
    • performing unannounced inspections;
    • joint operations with other regulators targeting specific risk factors;
    • a re-inspection program to ensure compliance issues identified during a previous inspection have been satisfactorily addressed; and
    • a range of different audit programs.
  • QBCC’s Adjudication Registry - The Adjudication Registry administers the Building and Construction Industry Payments Act (QLD) 2004 to ensure that those working in the construction industry receive and recover progress payments. Our expert will explain the adjudication process including:
    • how to lodge an adjudication application; 
    • how adjudicators are assigned to an application; and 
    • what the adjudicator decides.
  • Installation of timber and aluminium joinery – one of the most common and costly defective work complaints to rectify.
  • MATES in Construction (MIC) - MIC is a charity established to address the high level of suicide among Australian construction workers, and provides an invaluable service in improving the mental health and wellbeing of workers.

Guest speaker

John Leslie - Australian Window Association (AWA)

John has had more than 43 years residential and commercial experience in manufacture, design, installation and training and holds a Certificate III and IV in Glazing. He shared his extensive knowledge on recurring issues with the installation of timber and aluminium joinery.

View his PowerPoint presentation