What happens after you lodge your complaint?

  1. Application – If you have submitted your complaint online, you'll receive an automatic email response which provides your unique case number.  You can refer to this if you need to contact us.
  2. Assessment – A QBCC Resolution Services officer will assess your submission and contact you and the contractor to discuss the complaint and obtain further information or documents if required.
  3. Access – You will be asked to give access to the contractor to inspect and assess the items. Choosing not to give access will have a big impact on how we can help you. We will not be able to direct the contractor to fix any defective items. This can also impact your ability to make a claim under the Queensland Home Warranty Scheme.
  4. Owner and contractor meet to resolve items – You meet the contractor on site to review each item and decide a plan for the repair of any agreed items.
  5. Repairs – The contractor carries out all agreed repairs.
  6. Inspection – When conducting an inspection, the QBCC Building Inspector will carry out a visual inspection only. This will involve visually observing each complaint item. Invasive investigations are not undertaken by the QBCC to determine the cause of an alleged defect. Examples of invasive investigations include cutting a hole in a wall to look at damage behind the wall. The inspection is also not intended to be a complete inspection of the whole building or dwelling.If there are any defective work items which cannot be resolved, a QBCC Building Inspector is assigned to the case and will contact you and the contractor to attempt to facilitate an outcome. If this is unsuccessful, the QBCC Building Inspector may undertake a site inspection. 
  7. Resolution – Following a site inspection, we may issue a Direction to Rectify to the contractor, and any relevant subcontractors, to rectify defective building work. In most cases, this requires a 28-day minimum rectification period. We have no power to issue a direction for items that are not defective building work, please see Complaints about your contract. In the case where a contractor fails to comply with a Direction to Rectify, they can receive a fine or be prosecuted. The case may then be assessed for a possible claim under the Queensland Home Warranty Scheme (applies to work covered by the Scheme). If a claim is approved, we will recover the cost from the contractor.

Assistance under Queensland Home Warranty Scheme

Should your complaint involve residential construction work and is not able to be satisfactorily resolved through QBCC’s dispute resolution process, your application will be assessed as to whether you may be eligible for assistance under the Queensland Home Warranty Scheme.  You are not required to lodge a separate form for this to occur. If a claim is approved, we will recover the cost from the contractor.

Please note the following strict time limits apply for some claims:

  • For structural defects you must apply within 3 months of noticing the defect
  • For non-structural defects you must apply within 7 months of the completion date.

Complaint process diagram