When we can and can't help

If your contractor doesn't want to fix work which you believe is defective after your contract is complete, we may be able to help. 

  • Your contract needs to be for building work which includes things like:

    • Building a new house, duplex or unit complex
    • Renovations, repairs, extensions or additions to a house, duplex or unit complex
    • Swimming pools, pergolas, carports, garages or structural landscaping
    • Trade work including carpentry, tiling, painting, waterproofing
    • Commercial or industrial construction or renovation.
  • The value of the contract needs to be more than $3,300 in value, including labour, materials and GST
  • If you're making a complaint about hydraulic design work, the contract value only needs to be more than $1,100, including labour, materials and GST
  • If the complaint is about plumbing, drainage, gas fitting, chemical termite management, building design, site classification, fire protection and completed residential building inspections, your contract can be of any value

You also need to apply within the correct statutory timeframes.

You can find the full definition of building work in Schedule 2 of the Queensland Building and Construction Commission Act 1991.  

If you and your contractor are in disagreement over a contractual issue which you are not able to resolve yourselves, explore options for resolving contract issues. Where your contractor has defaulted before all work is completed, explore options for bankruptcy and incomplete work.

Can I get help if my contract is still active?

Yes, if the work is still being carried out, our free Early Dispute Resolution service may be able to help you.

When we can't help

If your complaint doesn't meet these requirements, we can't help, nor can we help with the following:

  • Complaints about electrical work. Contact the Electrical Safety Office
  • When you can't identify the contractor responsible for the work
  • You apply to QBCC outside of the statutory timeframes
  • Complaints about dividing fences (except if the work is defective).

The Queensland Building and Construction Commission Regulation 2018  – Schedule 1 provides the list of work that is not building work and therefore we cannot help with.

Is your site safe?

Concerned about safety at your site? Health and safety is your responsibility. QBCC does not provide a ‘make safe’ service. If you have any immediate safety concerns, we recommend you take steps to mitigate any risk to occupants and visitors (e.g. restrict access to any unsafe areas).