Who is exempt from financial reporting

Contractors in certain licence classes can apply for exemption from financial reporting.  If you fall into one of the licence classes listed below, instead of providing financial information, you can include evidence of your current Professional Indemnity (PI) Insurance and a completed Estimated Maximum Revenue (EMR) declaration (PDF)  with your application.

This exemption is only available to contractors who don't hold another licence which requires financial information, e.g. a site classifier who also holds a carpentry licence can’t use EMR.

Section 1.6 of our Minimum Financial Requirements (MFR) Policy (PDF) provides more information on exemption scenarios.

Licence classes suitable for the financial information exemption

  • Builder Project Management Services
  • Building Design – Low Rise
  • Building Design – Medium Rise
  • Building Design – Open
  • Hydraulic Services Design
  • Hydraulic Services Design (excluding design of on-site domestic waste water management)
  • Site Classifier
  • Site Classifier (excluding on-site domestic waste management)

How to apply for an exemption

Send in:

See our licence application section for more information.