Working for QBCC

 “It feels like family”, “Good management/people”, “I enjoy the happy, fun environment”.

These comments are from staff members, and they reflect our culture at QBCC – one that’s inclusive and committed to promoting equal opportunity. At QBCC we put people first.

Why work here?

Great working conditions

While our normal full-time working hours are 36.25 hours per week (7.25 hours per day), we are aware that everyone who works with us has a unique set of needs, so we offer flexible working hours.

To cater for those who don’t work full-time, we have part-time and job share arrangements.

Other benefits include a generous superannuation scheme where we contribute 12.75%, and you can salary sacrifice superannuation and vehicles if you wish.

You also have access to Q-invest, an organisation offering financial advice.

Diversity and inclusion

Our workforce is made up of many individuals with unique skills, values, backgrounds and experiences. We are committed to providing an environment where our employees have equal access to opportunities available at work, are not judged by unlawful or irrelevant attributes and have genuine feelings of belonging across workplace activities. We have a REDI Squad (Respect, Equity, Diversity, Inclusion), which helps positively influence, promote, support and encourage diversity and inclusion in our workplace.

Work/Life balance

We believe balancing family and personal life with work is important, and that’s why we offer up to 24 months maternity leave (including 14 weeks paid leave), one week paternity leave, and family responsibility (carer’s) leave.

10 days paid sick leave per year is available to all our staff.

Employee Assistance Scheme

For the times you might need a little extra help personally or professionally, we offer employees access to qualified counsellors.

Opportunities to grow

We want our employees to develop their skills, and through our study and research assistance scheme, with accompanying financial assistance, we give everyone at QBCC an opportunity to increase their skills by completing an accredited course.