Be careful with your product choices

As building contractors, certifiers, plumbers, and suppliers, you need to be careful about the products you choose to use in construction.

Make sure you do all the ‘checks and balances’ so that you can be confident in a decision you have made to use a particular product on a job site.

This means becoming familiar with relevant sections of the National Construction Code and keeping up-to-date with CodeMark certification statuses of the products you use and/or are considering for use onsite.

The ongoing safety of your consumers long after you’ve packed up the tools and moved onto the next job must always factor into your decision-making process when selecting suitable building products.

Remember that standards and accreditation are designed to protect industry members such as yourselves and your consumers, and as the building regulator, we are seeking to ensure the appropriate construction standards are upheld.

Download the QBCC’s Standards & Tolerances Guide.