Coming Soon - New way to audit Notifiable Work (Form 4/4A) for Local Government

The new way to audit Notifiable Work (Form 4/4A) for Local Government is coming soon to myQBCC, the QBCC’s online customer portal.

This means that you will:

  • have access to a more reliable and stable online service
  • have an easier way to search
  • be able to mark Notifiable Work (Form 4/4A) for audit, record the audit outcome and add comments, and be able to view the audit history
  • be able to record enforcement actions
  • be able to produce a report.

What do you need to do?

You don’t need to do anything. We will provide you with an account shortly so you can commence audits using myQBCC.

How do I help plumbers and drainers?

We have let our plumbers and drainers know about the change to how they now need to submit Notifiable Work (Form 4/4A) through many communication channels. If they require further assistance, please ask them to access our website where there are a number of support tools, including a How-to Video and a User Guide.

Where do I go for further help?

If you have any further questions regarding Notifiable Work (Form 4/4A), please contact the QBCC on 139 333 or send an email to