Compliance assessable work requires a Form 1 and not a Form 4

The Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) would like to remind plumbing and drainage licensees that compliance assessable work requires a Form 1 to be lodged with the relevant local authority.

Notifiable work Form 4s and Form 4As are not to be lodged for compliance assessable work.

Compliance assessable work is considered to be more complex and requires a compliance permit from local government before starting work.

Another requirement of licensees when it comes to compliance assessable work is that the work must always be inspected by local government once it has been completed.

Compliance assessable work includes:

  • installing water and sewerage to new and relocatable buildings
  • relocating disposal trenches for a septic tank
  • replacing an existing on-site sewerage treatment plant with a new one
  • connecting plumbing and drainage to a shed or garage (with no existing fixtures or services).

Form 1s can be downloaded from the Department of Housing and Public Works website or provided by your local government.