QBCC hosts SA plumbing regulator

Two officers from South Australia’s Office of the Technical Regulator – Plumbing visited Brisbane recently for the Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB) meeting, and took the opportunity to talk plumbing regulation and work standards with the QBCC.

We took the opportunity to show the SA team how plumbing regulations are implemented in Queensland, which included a visit to Moreton Bay Council.

As a result, the SA team received an overview of how local governments ensure compliance to the standards and attended a 'paperless' site inspection. This involved a demonstration of using an e-tablet device in the field for a paperless inspection and record making.

They also received a detailed run-down on how Queensland deals with major categories of regulated work; compliance-assessable work, notifiable work and minor work.

Two QBCC presentations were of particular interest to our visitors.

The first was about the installation of water meters serving commercial properties to deal with a range of competing water demands for fire services equipment, the effects of low water flow on equipment such as backflow devices, and detecting possible water theft.

There was also a discussion about Queensland’s reforms, including the notifiable work process, whereby plumbers are able to do the work immediately but must report the work to the QBCC within 10 business days of its completion.