Solar and heat pump endorsements

The Solar and Heat Pump (SHP) endorsement is required on plumbers’ licences to install, replace, test, repair and maintain solar and heat pump hot water systems. To obtain a SHP endorsement you are required to undertake a non-accredited course required for all plumbers' who wish to gain an endorsement on their plumbing licence.

The installation of SHP systems is categorised as notifiable work in the Standard Plumbing and Drainage Regulation 2003. When a water heater is installed, the licensee must lodge a Form 4 – Notifiable work to the QBCC within 10 business days of completing the work. This course provides the outcomes required to evaluate the design, planning and the installation requirements to ensure the safe installation of solar and heat pump water heating systems. After successfully completing the course the certificate must be presented to the QBCC to have the endorsement added to your licence.

See Apply to get an endorsement on your plumbing licence for more information.