Cairns building audit reveals minimal offending

1 April 2015

A building inspection blitz at more than 100 Cairns work sites last week has found only three instances of unlicensed contracting.

The offences were detected by Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) staff, who interviewed 315 people at 108 work sites during a week-long compliance audit.

QBCC  Commissioner, Steve Griffin, said he was extremely pleased that the wide-ranging audit had detected such a low rate of offending.

However, he said any unlicensed activity put home owners at risk of defective work and took work from licensed contractors who are qualified and experienced, and regulated by the Commission.

“I strongly advise consumers to only use licensed contractors. Ask to see their QBCC licence card and if they can’t show you one then do not do business with them,” Mr Griffin said.

QBCC inspectors issued two on-the-spot fines of $2,277 each for unlicensed building work and one fine of $1,138 for unlicensed plumbing work.

“In addition to this, two builders have each been fined $930 for engaging unlicensed contractors,” Mr Griffin said.

QBCC Plumbing and Pools staff also audited swimming pool construction and plumbing work and met with Cairns Regional Council staff and real estate agents about plumbing compliance. 



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