Conviction and $15000 in fines for unlicensed building work

5 May 2015

An unlicensed individual was fined over $15,000 and convicted of nine charges concerning five properties in the Proserpine area.

The Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) prosecuted Steve Preston, following an investigation that commenced in 2012 when the former Building Services Authority received several complaints against Mr Preston for defective work.

The QBCC Commissioner, Steve Griffin, said that Mr Preston had made a name for himself carrying out unlicensed and defective building work with a previous conviction recorded in Western Australia.

Mr Preston constructed relocatable cabin-style homes and organised for their delivery and installation, although he was known to take large deposits leaving consumers with incomplete work or perform defective work that needed to be fixed.

“If a builder asks for an upfront deposit or fails to provide a licence number this is a sign to consumers that this is not an individual to engage with, as both of these are illegal practices,” Mr Griffin said.

The conviction was recorded in the absence of Mr Preston, who may face possible jail time of up to 80 days if his fine is unpaid.

If anyone has any further information on Mr Preston, they are encouraged to contact the QBCC 24/7 on 139 333 or visit the website at