PUBLIC WARNING - Dylan Trengrose Sunline Concrete Pty Ltd

10 October 2013

Public Warning – Dylan Trengrouse & Sunline Concrete Pty Ltd

This is a warning by the General Manager of the BSA to the public under section
18(2)(f) of the Queensland Building Services Authority Act 1991

The BSA is urging consumers, contractors and suppliers to be cautious in their dealings with
Dylan Jay Trengrouse, previously trading as DNA Concreting Solutions, First Class
Concreting Solutions and more recently a former director of Sunline Concrete Pty Ltd. The
current director of Sunline Concrete Pty Ltd is Jade Leigh Trengrouse.

Mr Trengrouse and the company Sunline Concrete Pty Ltd do not hold BSA licences and are
therefore not able to carry out, or enter into contracts to carry out, building work, including
concreting, in Queensland at a value of more than $3300.

Mr Trengrouse has been carrying out unlawful building work in southeast Queensland and
trades from premises in Crestmead.

The BSA has investigated several complaints made against Mr Trengrouse and as a result
issued fines in excess of $25,000 for offences including unlicensed contracting, using a false
BSA licence number, not rectifying defective building work after being directed to do so,
advertising and not including a value statement as to the amount of work he is allowed to do
without a licence. Other offences against the Domestic Building Contracts Act 2000 include
failure to use a contract, using non compliant contracts and demanding excess deposits.

The BSA is currently taking action against Mr Trengrouse and Sunline Concrete Pty Ltd for
further similar offences.

The BSA warns all persons dealing with Mr Trengrouse and Sunline Concrete Pty Ltd to
exercise extreme caution and seek legal advice before making any payments, to protect their

The BSA urges homeowners to do research before engaging contractors and recommends
engaging a licensed contractor even for small jobs. If you are in doubt as to whether the
entity you are contracting with is licensed or holds the correct licence to do the work, you
should conduct a free online licence search or contact the BSA on
1300 272 272.

Ian Jennings
General Manager
Queensland Building Services Authority



299 Montague Rd, WEST END, QLD 4101


MEDIA CONTACT: Brian Bolton - 3225 2996,