Notification of safety matters

What is a Safety Matter for the purposes of s54A?

What is a safety matter?

A safety matter or notifiable incident is:

  • The death or serious injury or illness of a person, or
  • An incident that exposes a person to a risk or serious injury or illness.

The example of an incident that exposes a person to risk of serious injury or illness in the Queensland Building and Construction Commission Act 1991 is the collapse or partial collapse of a building


a person carrying out building or other work on a building site under the licensee’s control, or on which the licensee is carrying out building work, has contravened or is contravening—

  • a notice or injunction under the Work Health and Safety Act 2011, part 10; or
  • a notice or injunction under the Electrical Safety Act 2002, part 11A.

Who must report a safety matter?

A QBCC licensee must notify the QBCC if a safety matter occurs on a building site which is:

  • under the licensee's control, or 
  • on which the licensee is carrying out building work.

If you are an employee working on behalf of a QBCC licensee, you may notify the QBCC of a safety matter on their behalfif you have all the details listed below.

When you must report a safety matter

The legislation requires you to notify the QBCC in the fastest possible way. This means taking action as soon as you see or hear about a safety matter.

How to report a safety matter

You will need some important information before you can notify the QBCC. You will need to know:

  1. The time of the event
  2. The date of the event
  3. The place of the event
  4. If the site was under the control of the licensee
  5. Who was injured or who breached the WH&S ES order 
  6. If there was an injury, was medical assistance called/is anyone hospitalised?
  7. Do you know why the event occurred? 

You can notify the QBCC quickly and easily using our Notifiable Incident Safety Matter form. If the matter is urgent you can call us on 139 333. 

Do I need to report the matter to anyone else?

You may also be required to report the matter to other relevant regulators such as:

For more information about when you need to report to other regulators you should contact their office directly.