Your insurance responsibilities

When you build, you must get public liability insurance. It protects you from serious financial loss if anyone is injured or killed, or has their property damaged, whilst on site.

This also applies if someone is injured when trespassing on your land before building work has started, or during construction.

You and your builder should discuss public liability insurance responsibilities before signing any contract for major building work on vacant land. Your insurer may note conditions on the policy and require a higher premium for the construction period.

Your responsibilities

Take out public liability insurance (starting from settlement date) on any block of land you plan to build on.

Your contractor’s responsibilities

Check that your contractor has met their insurance obligations in the contract. They should have current liability insurance and construction insurance when they are in charge of a site.

Construction insurance covers the site and materials against theft, vandalism, fire, storm etc. throughout the construction period until handover.

QBCC Home Warranty Insurance

Your contractor may also need to take out QBCC Home Warranty Insurance.