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QBCC licence and other fees are set by regulation and increase according to the Government Indexation Rate. For 2024-2025, the Government Indexation Rate is zero percent. Therefore there was no fee increase on 1 July 2024. 


In the highly competitive building industry, site signs can be a valuable tool for attracting new business. They also inform the public and government entities of the contractor in charge of the site.

Who is responsible for the site sign?

The principal contractor is responsible for making sure the sign complies with the law. 

A licensed contractor (not being a subcontractor) must exhibit a sign at a prominent position on a building site under the contractor's control. The sign must conform to the regulations showing the name under which the contractor is licensed. 

If you are a subcontractor working for a builder, the builder is deemed the person in control of the site, so you don't have to display a sign. However, you must comply with advertising requirements if you want to advertise your business onsite.

A person who carries out building work under an owner-builder permit must exhibit a sign at a prominent position on a building site under that person's control that conforms to the regulations showing the number of the permit.

Site sign requirements

Site signs are required on all sites, and licensees must comply with the requirements regarding signage set out in the QBCC Act.

You must exhibit a sign on any building site for which you are responsible. It must:

  • include your name as it appears on your licence (under the QBCC Act), the licence number and reference to the QBCC Act
  • be made of weatherproof materials
  • be larger than half a square metre
  • have 50mm high print or larger for the QBCC licence number and licence name
  • be in a prominent position and clearly visible from the street.  

Examples of compliant signage

Below are examples of compliant site signage. To avoid using the name or numbers of actual contractors, we've kept the details generic.

Pty Ltd company
Contractor name
QBCC Licence No: XXXXX
Construction Pty Ltd 
QBCC Licence No: XXXXX
Trading Name
Contractor name
QBCC Licence No: XXXXX
Trading as: X & Z Builders
Licensee: Jones & Son
QBCC Licence No: XXXXX

Penalty for non-compliant site signage

Failure by a contractor to erect a sign that complies with the legislation could result in the QBCC initiating prosecution action under section 52 of the QBCC Act.

Under Section 52 the maximum penalty for having no site sign or a non-compliant site sign is $3,096 for an individual and $15,480 for a company.

Complaints about site signage

We investigate complaints about site signs that don't meet the QBCC Act requirements.

If you become aware of unlawful signage by a contractor, you can report the offence to the QBCC.

Last reviewed: 13 Feb 2024 Last published: 13 Feb 2024
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