Retentions and securities | Queensland Building and Construction Commission

A building contract may allow for a retention amount or security to be withheld to address any potential defects appear in the building work both:

  • during construction
  • after practical completion.

The legislation limits the amount that can be withheld.

If a building contract does not specify a defects liability period then any retention amounts or security held must be released 12 months after practical completion. It is now an offence to not release retention amounts without reasonable excuse.

Notice of end of defects liability period

There is a requirement that contractors advise subcontractors of the impending end of the defects liability period by giving them a:

This notice must be given within either:

  • 10 business days before the end of the defects liability period
  • 5 business days after receiving a notice if the defect liability period is linked to another building contract.

This requirement does not apply to a contracting party who enters into a building contract as a principal.

It is an offence to fail to provide this form.  

If you are unsure of your contractual rights or obligations you should obtain legal advice from a solicitor with experience in building contracts. 

Last reviewed: 20 Feb 2024 Last published: 20 Feb 2024
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