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Amend a Form 4/4A

If you made a mistake when registering notifiable work (Form 4/4A) you may be able to amend it.  The process varies slightly depending on whether it was initially a digital or manual registration.

Amend a digital registration on myQBCC

If you made a mistake when registering notifiable work (Form 4/4A), you can update the following details in myQBCC:

  • the licensee/s who performed the work
  • any optional additional address details you entered
  • optional 'My Reference' details you entered
  • the categories of work you selected
  • the attachments you added.

For more information, see Guide to registering & managing notifiable work on myQBCC (PDF, KB)

Amend a Form 4/4a

Amend a manual registration

Licensees who have submitted a form manually can request the above amendments by email to Pleas make sure you include the details of Form 4 and the amendments needed. 

Cancel a Form 4/4A

You will need to request a cancellation and refund if you need to correct information including:

  • the property address
  • the date the work was performed; or 
  • the responsible person for the work

To request a cancellation, download and complete the following form:

Refund request form—notifiable work cancellation (PDF) 

Lodge the completed form with us:

Last reviewed: 14 Feb 2024 Last published: 14 Feb 2024
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