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Adjudicators standard of conduct

According to the Adjudicator's code of conduct (PDF, 56KB) a registered adjudicator must:

  • manage prescribed conflicts of interest
  • conduct her/himself professionally
  • maintain impartiality and objectivity
  • ensure confidentiality is maintained
  • comply with legislation and the Registrar’s policies
  • charge reasonable fees.

If an adjudicator breaches their code of conduct they may have their adjudicator’s registration suspended or cancelled.

Adjudicator’s decision

The Registrar is not empowered to change or overturn an Adjudicators decision. If you remain dissatisfied with the adjudicator’s decision, you may seek review in the Supreme Court of Queensland. If you wish to do so, we recommend that you obtain legal advice. 

How to make a complaint

  1. Gather as much evidence as you can to support your complaint.

  2. Download and complete all sections of the form:

    Complaint against an adjudicator (PDF, 65KB)

    Attach additional documents if there is insufficient space in the form fields.

  3. Lodge the form and copies of all supporting evidence to us:

What happens next?

The Registrar will assess the complaint and determine if there is sufficient evidence to investigate the matter further.

If we determine an offence has been committed, the adjudicator may have their registration suspended or cancelled.

Last reviewed: 30 Aug 2021 Last published: 30 Aug 2021
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