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Alternative process for some licences

Some licences have a different processes for updating contact details. Learn how to:

Update an individual licence

If your contact details change, you have 14 days to update these with the QBCC. This includes your: 

  • phone number 
  • email
  • address (Note: your business address must be a physical address and not a PO Box).

Login to myQBCC and update online 

You can update your details online at myQBCC. 

If you are not registered for myQBCC, you can sign up now.  

Go to myQBCC to login or register


An authorised person can update contact details via the phone: 

  • phone number 
  • address 
  • email. 

Manual form

Download and complete form: 

Change of particulars notice form (PDF, 58.9KB)

Lodge the form with us:

Update a company licence

You need to inform us of any changes to the company’s licence details within 14 days. This includes changes to the company directors and nominees. 

Penalties may apply to your company if you don’t notify us of a change of nominee or if it doesn’t have a nominee. Your company’s licence may be suspended or cancelled if it fails to have a licensed nominee for more than 28 days. 

Change of company nominee 

Download and complete form 

Incoming company nominee form (PDF 985.54KB) 

Outgoing company nominee form (PDF 985.04KB)

You won’t be held responsible for supervision of work carried out by the company from the date we receive your notification of withdrawal.

Lodge with us 

Lodge the form:

Change of company director 

Download and complete  

Change of particulars notice form (PDF 58.9KB)

Provide further documents 

Provide an ASIC Historical Company Extract or Change of Officeholders Extract. 

You may be required to provide an MFR report if the change to directors is deemed to be a significant change to the business and it impacts your financial position (e.g. a change to the operating structure).


Lodge with us 

Interstate or New Zealand licence status 

If you have an interstate or New Zealand licence for commercial, industrial or residential building or construction work and your status has changed or has been suspended or cancelled, you need to inform us within 14 days. 

Penalties may apply if you don’t notify us of these changes. 

Download and complete form 

Change of interstate or New Zealand licence status (PDF 85.54KB)

Lodge with us 

Lodge the form:

Add a business trading name

If you are changing or begin operating under a trading name, you will need to let us know so we can update your licence details.

Download and complete form

Change of particulars form (PDF, 58.9KB)

Gather supporting documents

You will need to provide a:

  • current copy of your ASIC Record of Registration. 

Lodge with us 

Lodge the form and documents:

Last reviewed: 30 Aug 2021 Last published: 30 Aug 2021
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