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How to register a pool

Once you finish building you must register your pool with us.

You can do this online through myQBCC by:

  1. searching  for your address
  2. clicking on the 'continue' button to register your pool details.

We conduct audits of properties and if you have not registered your pool you may face a fine.

We operate the Queensland pool safety register, which records:

  • every regulated pool in the state
  • pool safety certificates if one has been issued for a pool
  • building certificates if one has been issued for a pool.

You can search to see if your pool is registered. You will need the address and/or the lot and plan number. 

How to de-register a pool 

First you need to apply to your local council to decommission your pool. Check with your council if they have specific requirements on how to do this.

Once your council confirms that they have decommissioned your pool contact us to ask us to remove your pool from the register.

Last reviewed: 25 Sep 2021 Last published: 25 Sep 2021
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