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The QBCC’s overarching role is to ensure the probity and integrity of the building and construction sector in Queensland. To achieve this, the QBCC develops strategic plans that set our direction over a four-year period. The QBCC has aligned its strategy with the Queensland Government’s objectives for the community, in addition to addressing our strategic risks and opportunities. The strategic plan is reviewed annually.

This report summaries the activities and performance of the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) for 2020-2021 against key business objectives and targets as set by the Queensland Building and Construction Board, the government’s objectives for the community and other priorities, and the QBCC 2020-2024 Strategic Plan

The report reflects our commitment to effective corporate governance through openness and accountability, and provides an account of our revenue and expenditure.

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The materials presented on this site are provided by the Queensland Government for information purposes only. Users should note that the electronic versions of the annual report on this site are not recognised as the official or authorised version. The official copy of the annual report, as tabled in the Legislative Assembly of Queensland can be accessed from the Queensland Parliament's tabled papers website database.

Last reviewed: 6 Oct 2021 Last published: 6 Oct 2021
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