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QBCC licence and other fees are set by regulation and increase according to the Government Indexation Rate. For 2024-2025, the Government Indexation Rate is zero percent. Therefore there was no fee increase on 1 July 2024. 


Under the relevant Queensland legislation, building inspections on dwellings must be performed at the following stages:

  • excavation
  • footing
  • slab
  • frame
  • final.

Licensed building certifiers inspect a project before, during and at completion, ensuring it complies with approved building plans (approval of development permit for building works) and appropriate building standards.

Appointing a private certifier

In most cases, the building contractor is responsible for engaging the private certifier on the client's behalf.  However, property owners can directly appoint a private certifier. This can be negotiated in the contract as to who will be responsible for engaging the certifier.

Regardless of who engaged the private certifier, owner clients and other clients must be aware of the certifier's engagement, role and responsibilities.

  • You must give the private certifier the name and contact details of the owner within 10 business days after the certifier's engagement if you are the person engaging the certifier and are not the owner.
  • If the owner's details change, you must notify the private certifier of the change within 5 business days.

The owner can request inspection documents relating to the stages of work before the final stage.

Find a local certifier

To locate a certifier for your project you can:

  • look up certifiers close to you using our Find a local contractor tool
  • pay $15 and request for a list of licensed certifiers using our form:

Request for a list of licensed certifiers form (PDF) 

Check a certifier's work history

If you have certifiers name or licence number, you can check on their work history prior to engaging them by looking them up in our:

Requesting additional functions

The property owner can request a private certifier to perform additional inspections and other certifying functions beyond those required under the building development approval. The property owner must pay for the requested additional functions.

The process for requesting additional functions:

  • the property owner gives you a written request for additional functions within 10 business days of receiving the notice of certifier engagement
  • you must inform the certifier of the request within 5 business days
  • agree upon a day with the property owner and certifier to perform the additional functions. The certifier will nominate a day or a way to determine the day if an agreement is not met within 10 business days.

See our factsheet for information on the entitlements and requests property owners can make regarding the certification of their property.

Building owner options—certification (PDF, 129KB)

Pool safety inspections

A pool safety inspector's role is to inspect pool barriers to determine whether they comply with the standard. If the pool is compliant, the inspector will issue a pool safety certificate. If the pool is not compliant, the inspector will issue a non-conformity notice.

Learn more about the role and responsibilities of a pool safety inspector.

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