The Queensland Building and Construction Product Committee

We have established the Queensland Building and Construction Product Committee to protect home owners and industry members from non-compliant and non-conforming products through raising industry awareness.

The Product Committee will receive reports of potentially non-conforming products and decide to:

  • Monitor the product;
  • Seek further information about the product;
  • Request tests be undertaken;
  • Nominate a lead agency to further investigate.

The relevant agency will decide whether to investigate, issue a public warning or ban the product from the market.

The Product Committee is comprised of the QBCC, Office of Fair Trading, Electrical Safety Office, Queensland Fire and Emergency Services, Department of Natural Resources and Mines, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) and the Department of Housing and Public Works.

If you would like to submit evidence about potential non-conforming or non-compliant building products and materials you can make a complaint to the QBCC.