There are no current vacancies.

How to apply

Read the position description

The position description outlines the job’s purpose, key duties, accountabilities and outcomes, and the ideal candidate attributes (experience, skills and knowledge).

Prepare your application 

Provide a cover letter (2 pages maximum) outlining how you meet the ideal candidate attributes. Include your resume, listing your work history, training, and any other information relevant to the role. 

Don’t send written references, work samples, certificates etc. unless we request them in the position description.

Apply online

Make sure you submit your application by the closing date, and if you have any problems, email us, and quote the vacancy reference number. 

Selection process

We’ll invite the shortlisted candidates to an interview after the panel has reviewed all the applications. 


The panel asks each interviewee the same questions to compare how you meet the role requirements. We may ask you to describe your experience and skills, and clarify any information in your application. 

We’ll let you know before the interview if you need to show work samples or carry out skill tests and/or a presentation.

Reference checks

If you are among the highest rating candidates, we’ll contact your referees. This is to verify the information we’ve gathered in the interview process.

Criminal history check

If ýou’re successful in your application, we carry out a criminal history check. If you have a criminal conviction or charge, it’s up to our discretion as to whether we employ you.

Applicant feedback

We advise all applicants about the outcome of the vacancy, and if you were unsuccessful, we can provide feedback if you’d like it.