Building complaints

Complaints about building non-completion

Your builder may be unable to complete your job for one of the following reasons:

  • suspension or cancellation of their licence (If it’s re-instated, work can begin again. Check the Online Licence Search to see their licence status.)
  • bankruptcy, being placed in administration, or entering liquidation
  • death or injury.

What to do

If work has stopped because your builder is having financial difficulties, or because of death or injury, get legal advice to see whether you should/can terminate your contract.

You may then get help through Home Warranty Insurance.

Important note: Claims are subject to your insurance policy conditions. Check the policy or Product Disclosure booklet we sent you, along with your Certificate of Insurance/Notice of Cover. 

Terminate the contract

If you terminate the contract legally, we can investigate any alleged defects and incomplete items. For more information, see the Contract Termination (due to Non-Completion) Fact Sheet (PDF).

Send in a complaint form

Complete a Non-Completion of Construction Work Complaint Form (PDF) and lodge it with all the required documents to see if we can help.