You can’t always avoid problems when you build and while you can resolve some issues yourself, there are times when you may need a qualified person to assist you. If you’re at a stage where both you and your contractor are at a standstill over an issue, we may be able to help you reach a solution. Depending on your circumstances, we have different processes designed to help resolve different types of complaints.

What can you complain about?

Dispute checklist

Use our handy dispute checklist tool to find out if you have all the right information to lodge a complaint.

Access to fix the work

Did you know our process will require you to give reasonable access to your contractor to fix the work? Choosing not to give access will mean we will not be able to help resolve your dispute. Read more at Allowing the contractor access.

Is your site safe?

Concerned about safety at your site? Health and safety is your responsibility. QBCC does not provide a ‘make safe’ service. If you have any immediate safety concerns, we recommend you take steps to mitigate any risk to occupants and visitors (e.g. restrict access to any unsafe areas).

Submitting your complaint

Going through a dispute is frustrating so we want to make this process as stress-free as possible.  You can avoid unnecessary delays by making sure that you answer all the relevant questions on the form and enter the correct dates and  amounts when requested. 

It's also important to attach the right paperwork with your complaint.  Depending on your situation, documents you may need to submit include the contract, proof of payment, the pre-purchase report or a contract of sale. 

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