Apply for an owner builder permit

Complete the Owner Builder Permit Application Form (PDF) and include:

  • an original or certified copy of a current title search or Registration Confirmation Statement (no more than 30 days old) from the Titles Office or an emailed copy of the document directly from the Titles Office.
  • proof of a completed owner builder course, or exemption approval
  • proof of identity
  • the application fee.

How do I calculate the value of the work?

You must include:

  • the cost of the materials (the value can’t be reduced if they’re discounted or recycled)
  • the labour (the amount a licensed contractor would charge you for the work).

The value of labour can’t be reduced if it’s provided free of charge.

If you’re applying as a company

Include the following with your application:

Lease occupier

If you’re living on land under a lease, licence, or other authority from the owner, you can apply for a permit. We do suggest though, that you get legal advice first. This will ensure that you are fully aware of your rights and obligations.

Provide the following details with your permit application:

  • the land owner’s details
  • proof of the land ownership, no older than 30 days (e.g. Title)
  • a copy of the lease agreement, licence, or authority from the owner, and a letter from the owner giving you permission to carry out work at the property under an owner builder permit. The letter must include a full description of the work you intend doing under the permit.

Owner builder application processing time

It usually takes up to 4 weeks to process an application.

Applying for another owner builder permit

You can only have one owner builder permit every 6 years. However, we may issue a new permit in exceptional circumstances (such as sickness or severe financial difficulty). Complete the Application for Exemption from the Six-year Ruling (PDF).