myQBCC - how to register for Find a Local Contractor

Find a Local Contractor

Find a Local Contractor is a free service we provide that helps property owners and other contractors connect with QBCC-licensed contractor in their area. Users can select the kind of work they want done and a maximum distance for the contractor to be located from their home or site. This captures all the relevant licensees registered in the directory within that distance and returns a list to the customer.

The search results include the contractor's:

  • business and mobile phone numbers, 
  • business, website and email addresses
  • business or trading name
  • licence number (with a link to our free online licence search).

How to register 

QBCC-licensed contractors need to have a myQBCC account to 'opt in' to 'Find a Local Contractor'. If you don't have a myQBCC account register now.

When you are logged into your account:

  1. From the menu, select ‘Licenses’ then ‘Manage my licenses’ from the menu drop-down
  2. Select the relevant license and click the ‘Action’ drop-down. From here, choose ‘Manage find a local contractor’
  3. Click the consent checkbox and select the ‘Register’ button.

 If you have multiple licences, you will need to complete this action for each licence.