Maintaining your licence is simple, and is generally just a matter of filling out a form or going online.

You need to let us know when your circumstances change, this includes:

  • Updating your address when you move
  • Cancelling or ‘surrendering’ your licence if you decide to stop working in the building industry
  • Changing your business structure, e.g. you form a new company or partnership
  • Changing the type of your licence, e.g. from contractor to nominee or supervisor (Note: you may need a new licence and, in some cases, will pay a different fee each year).

Depending on your business turnover, you can renew your licence over the phone or online immediately. For those who have a high turnover, you’ll need to see your accountant before you can complete your renewal.

You can renew your licence over the phone by calling 139 333 or by visiting Online Services.