Adjudication application guide

An adjudicator may find an adjudication application to be outside their jurisdiction meaning they cannot make a decision on the money owed. It's important that you meet all the requirements when delivering an adjudication application so this doesn’t happen to you.

Completing your adjudication application form

  • Complete all details of the application where applicable 
  • Print clearly in BLOCK LETTERS
  • Take particular care to correctly identify the business details of the respondent and the contract in dispute
  • Do NOT use correction fluid – any mistakes should be crossed out and initialled

Supporting documentation

Your supporting documentation may include:

  • The payment claim to which the application relates;
  • The contract to which the payment claim relates; 
  • A payment schedule given in response to the payment claim;
  • If a party to the application gave the other party a document in support of the payment claim or the payment schedule at the time the claim or schedule was given to the other party
  • Contract related documents e.g. written agreement to variations, extension of time, program of work
  • An expert report about a matter to which the payment claim relates;
  • A statutory declaration about a matter which the payment claim relates.

Supporting submission

Although it is not required, it is important to include with your adjudication application your submission to prove your entitlement to claim.

The submission will assist the adjudicator to understand the detail of the project and the reasons why you have arrived at your position and they will consider this when making their decision. If there are no submissions, it may be hard for them to make a decision in your favour.

Make sure that your submission states facts rather than thoughts and feelings about the situation. You may find it helpful to step back from the situation and write the submission as if it was about someone else.

For claims $25,000 and under your submission;

  • must be no more than 10 pages; and
  • if typed must be size 10 font or bigger with a margin of 2.54cm

There is no restriction for claims over $25,000.

See Industry guide to security of payment (PDF) for more information..

The registry provides a consumer advisory service that can be contacted on 139 333.

You may wish to seek legal advice. if you are unsure whether your adjudication application meets the requirements.