Adjudication application guide

An adjudicator may find an adjudication application to be outside their jurisdiction meaning they cannot make a decision on the money owed. It's important that you meet all the requirements when delivering an adjudication application so this doesn’t happen to you.

Completing your adjudication application form

  •  Use BLACK pen only and print clearly in BLOCK LETTERS (PDF only)
  •  Do NOT use correction fluid – any mistakes should be crossed out and initialled
  •  All items marked with an * asterisk must be completed before submitting
  •  Take particular care to correctly identify the business details of the respondent and the contract in dispute
  •  Complete all details of the application where applicable.

 Supporting submissions and documents

Although it's not mandatory, it's important that you include submissions providing the reasons for your adjudication application

For adjudication applications relating to progress payment of no more than $25,000, submissions must not exceed 10 pages, in a document with normal size margins (2.54cm) and at least size 10 font.

There are no restrictions for applications over $25,000

Supporting submissions may include:

  • A background summary of the construction project including site details, site address, type of construction, description of construction work carried out or goods or services supplied.
  • Information about the contract (e.g. who supplied the contract, was legal advice sought prior to entering into).
  • Overview of events leading up to the payment claim in relation to the adjudication application (e.g. verbal disagreements, lack of communication)
  • Explanation of how you calculated the amount owed and supporting evidence (e.g. contract, variation agreements, previous payments, pictures, emails, receipts, expert reports).
  • Explanation of what documents you have included with your application.
  • Reasons why you disagree, if you disagree with the reasons outlined in the payment schedule

You may also include the following documents:

  •  Payment claim
  •  Construction contract
  •  Payment schedule

See Protecting your payment rights (PDF) for more information.

Please call the registry or seek legal advice if you are unsure whether your adjudication application meets the requirements.