Withdraw from adjudication | Queensland Building and Construction Commission

If the respondent pays the owed amount to the claimant before an adjudication decision has been reached, the claimant must inform the adjudicator and the respondent that the adjudication application has been withdrawn due to payment. 

Notice of withdrawal

As soon as practicable after withdrawal, the claimant must 

  • notify of the withdrawal in writing to the registrar via email: adjudication.registry@qbcc.qld.gov.au
  • indicate which reason applies for the withdrawal, either:
    • the respondent has paid the claimed amount 
    • a decision was made by the claimant for other reasons.

Failure to notify of withdrawal

Failing to give notice of the withdrawal to the registrar in writing may attract a penalty.

Fees may still apply

An adjudicator may still be entitled to be paid reasonable fees and expenses for any work already undertaken.

Last reviewed: 5 Sep 2021 Last published: 5 Sep 2021
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