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Due to the popularity of our recent roadshows, live webinar sessions are now available to explain the new legislative requirements impacting the building and construction industry such as changes to payment laws and minimum financial requirements (MFR).

The webinars will be live and interactive, and watchable from the comfort of your home or workplace, via computer or mobile device. You can also submit questions. Please use the following links to register for the webinars. The next webinars are on Friday 22 March.

Session 1 – Payment Practices

New payment laws came into effect on 17 December 2018 which impact the majority of people working in Queensland’s building and construction industry, including principals, developers, contractors, suppliers and consultants.

This session covers information on: 

  • issuing an invoice
  • receiving an invoice
  • what to do if your invoice is not paid
  • changes to retentions and the defects liability period.

To register for the payment practices session click here

Session 2 – Minimum financial requirements

If you hold a QBCC contractor licence, you are now required to provide annual financial information to the QBCC. If you are unsure about these new laws and what financial information you need to provide, we encourage you to join this session which will cover: 

  • new annual reporting requirements
  • how to submit your financial information via myQBCC
  • common terms used and questions asked.

To register for the minimum financial requirements session click here.

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