Renew, update or surrender your licence

Renewing or restoring your occupational plumbing and draining licence

Renew your licence

You can renew your licence before or after we send you an expiry notice.

Renewing with licence changes

If you need to make changes to your licence details (e.g. a an endorsement) you will need to complete a Form 22—Application for renewal or restoration of a licence (PDF) and provide this to us along with the appropriate fee.

Renewing without changes

If your licence is not being restored and you have no changes to make to your current licence details simply pay your renewal fee.


  • at any QBCC office by credit card, money order, cheque or cash
  • by calling us on 139 333 to pay by credit card

Other information to include with your renewal

  • Occupational licence photos - You don’t need to update your photo each time you renew unless there has been a significant change in your appearance.
  • Conditions - If your licence is subject to conditions, they will continue whether your licence is renewed, restored or replaced.
  • Endorsements - To apply for a new endorsement complete a Form 21 - Application for a new licence or endorsement (PDF) and provide a copy of your certificate.

It will take up to 10 working days to process your renewal.

Restore your licence

If you have let your licence lapse, you can restore it by completing the Form 22 - Application for renewal or restoration of a licence (PDF) and including the appropriate licence renewal fee. It must be restored within 1 year after the day it expired, otherwise you must apply for a new licence.

Doing plumbing work after you have retired

If you are a licensed plumber or drainer and are considering retirement, you can apply for a 'retired licence'.  It's important to remember that this licence doesn't allow you to perform regulated plumbing or drainage work. If you want to undertake regulated work, you'll need a contractor's licence.

To apply for a retired licence, please complete a:

Renewing when you are retired 

Retired licences have a reduced renewal fee and you can renew for 1 - 5 years.

Number of years


1 $89.10
2 $110.75
3 $132.40
4 $154.05
5 $175.70

If you have a retired licence and would like to apply to reinstate your full licence, please complete and submit the following: