Pre-purchase building and termite inspections

You should always have both a pre-purchase building inspection and termite inspection done before you finalise the purchase of a property.

We recommend you make it a condition of your contract that you are satisfied with the outcomes of these inspections.

Pre-purchase building inspections

A pre-purchase building inspection is a visual appraisal of the condition of a property highlighting existing defects or areas of concern; however it is not a warranty against future defects.

If there are particular parts of the property you are concerned about (e.g. the roof), you may wish to get a more detailed report from the appropriate expert (e.g. plumber, engineer).

You should be present when the inspection is being done. Make sure you understand the scope of the inspection (what the inspector will and won’t look at) and the inspector answers any questions or queries you may have before purchase.

Termite inspections

A termite inspection involves a pest controller doing a visual inspection of accessible areas of the property to see if there is evidence of active termites and/or termite damage.

The inspector should also tell you:

  • what (if any) termite management system has been used on the home and where you can find the maintenance requirements of the system
  • if the property is in an area where there is risk of termite attack.

Who can inspect?

  • Only a licensed residential building inspector can complete pre-purchase building inspections
  • Only a licensed pest controller can complete termite inspections
  • Check your inspector has the correct licence before hiring them.