Apply for a site supervisor licence

A site supervisor licence allows an employee or officer of a licensed contractor to supervise building work under the contractor’s licence. A site supervisor’s licence may be issued for any class of licence.

How to apply

If you are applying for a Mechanical Services Site Supervisor licence, please refer to the mechanical services pages for the application form and documentation requirements.

Fill out the Site Supervisor licence application form (PDF) and include a copy of the relevant technical qualification and the application fee. You don’t need to supply financial information, experience, or complete a managerial course.

What are the fees?

Check the current licence application fees.

Re-applying for a licence

If you've previously held a licence and you want to re-apply, find out about your options - Renew, update or surrender your licence

How to lodge your application

Lodge your completed application form with the supporting documents and correct application fee:

  • by post, to GPO Box 5099, Brisbane QLD 4001 (please provide copies of original documents only, unless we request otherwise)
  • in person at your nearest QBCC office.

How long will it take to be processed?

We will take approximately 6-8 weeks to process your application. This includes checks to confirm you are a fit and proper person to hold a licence.

After you've applied

If your licence is approved, you'll receive a letter with your licence number and scope of work you are permitted to do.


  • Can I start work before my licence is granted?

    • No. You cannot supervise work until your licence is granted.
  • What if I hold a licence in another state?

  • What if I am an excluded or permanently excluded individual?
    • If you are an excluded or permanently excluded individual, you cannot hold a site supervisor licence.