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Scope of work


  • Constructing, installing, replacing, repairing, altering, maintaining, testing or commissioning a medical gas system in a building.
  • Installation of fire collars that is incidental to work mentioned above.

Eligibility requirements

You will need to provide photographic proof of identification with your application.

  1. To hold a licence, you need to demonstrate that you have the technical skills to perform the scope of work relevant your licence class.

    Technical qualifications for QBCC licensing

    Show proof of your qualifications

    Proof of your qualifications can be in the form of:

    • apprenticeship papers
    • formal qualifications issued by a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) -
    • documentation showing you successfully completed an appropriate course for this licence class
    • certificate from an RTO as recognition of prior learning  (RPL)
    • qualification statement by an approved authority for the licence class

Application fees

Set out below are the fees for occupational licences.

You have the option of receiving a printed certificate stating which QBCC licence you hold. The certificates costs an additional $31.83 and can be selected on the application form.

Our fees and charges increase on 1 July each year. On 1 July 2022 our fees and charges were increased by 2.5% in line with Government’s indexation policy. You can contact us to find out details about specific fees, charges or prices.      


Total application fee


Current QBCC licensee

How to apply

You can apply for a mechanical services licence online at myQBCC.

Before you apply and pay fees, ensure you can meet all eligibility requirements to hold the licence. 

  1. Review the scope of work above and ensure it covers all work you intend to undertake. 

  2. Review both the general eligibility requirements and the specific requirements for the type of licence you wish to hold. Gather digital copies of the supporting documents that demonstrate you are eligible. 

    You will need to upload these to myQBCC during the application process.

    If applying by mail, only provide us with certified copies of your original documents, as we cannot return them to you.

  3. To apply online you can:

    • login or register for myQBCC 
    • navigate to the licences tab 
    • choose to start a new application
    • complete form
    • upload digital copies of your supporting documents
    • pay fees using a credit or debit card.

    Apply online

    Manual option

    You can choose to download and complete a manual form. You can find the form below in the related resources section.

    To lodge your application you need to provide us with:

    • the completed form
    • all supporting documentation
    • the application fee.

    You can lodge the application:

    • in person at a QBCC service centre and pay the fees by eftpos
    • by mail — add credit or debit card details to the application form and post it to us with all supporting documentation.
  1. We may accept applications for mutual recognition from:

    • Australian Capital Territory
    • New South Wales
    • Northern Territory
    • South Australia 
    • Tasmania
    • Victoria
    • Western Australia
    • New Zealand.

    The QBCC may only issue a licence that is equivalent to the licence you already hold.

    If your interstate or New Zealand licence is subject to a condition or restriction, the QBCC must impose the same condition on your Queensland licence.

    Where there is no QBCC licence equivalent to your interstate or New Zealand licence, we will not be able to issue you a licence.

    Learn more about what licences we can accept through mutual recognition.

  2. Review the scope of work above and ensure it covers all work you intend to undertake.

  3. Your interstate licence must remain active to qualify for a QBCC licence. Be sure to renew your licence on time and pay any outstanding fines.

    If your interstate licence is cancelled or suspended prior to approval of a Queensland licence, you will not be entitled to a Queensland licence under mutual recognition.

  4. Gather any relevant supporting documents including evidence of:

    If applying by mail, only provide us with  certified copies of your original documents, as we cannot return them to you.

  5. Download and complete the form:

    Mutual recognition application (PDF, 212KB)

  6. Gather any relevant supporting documents including:

    If applying by mail, only provide us with certified copies of your original documents, as we cannot return them to you.

What happens next?

Allow up to 8 weeks for QBCC to process your application. This includes checks to confirm you are a fit and proper person to hold a licence.

If your licence is approved, we’ll post you your printed licence card and licence letter, which includes your licence number and scope of work for the licence class.

If your application is unsuccessful we will refund you the licence fee, however we will retain the cost of processing the application.

Frequently asked questions

To be allowed to perform incidental work that is outside the scope of your class, you must:

  • be permitted to do so in the scope of work for your licence class
  • only perform work that is valued at less than $3,300
  • not perform occupational work such as plumbing, drainage, pest control, or fire protection work (unless you hold the appropriate occupational licence).

Read more about who and when work is permitted to be performed as incidental work.

If you are an existing QBCC licensee we would already hold documentation about you and your business.  

If you are applying for an additional licence class you may only need to demonstrate you meet the technical requirements and any required experience for the new class.

If you are a contractor changing your maximum revenue (MR) you will need to demonstrate you meet the minimum financial requirements for the new financial category you are applying for. However, if your financial category remains unchanged you may not need to provide us further financial information.

Application fees are reduced when applying for an additional licence where you are not changing your MR.

Contact us if you are unsure what documents you need to provide with your application.

If you hold a licence in another state or New Zealand you may be eligible to apply for a QBCC licence through the mutual recognition program.

If you are from a country other than Australia or New Zealand, you will need to follow the usual application process to work in Queensland. You will need to:

  • demonstrate you have permission to work in Queensland 
  • get your qualifications recognised or assessed to see if it is equivalent to the one listed for the licence you wish to apply for. 

Read more about the application process if you are from interstate or overseas.

Unlike a company, a partnership is not recognised as a separate legal entity and can't be licensed.  However, at least one of the partners must hold a contractor-type license as an individual or company.

Applying for a licence as a partnership

The partner applying for the licence will need to follow the same process outlined above for either an individual contractor licence or a company licence. The application must include either a:

Visit financial requirements for licensees to understand meeting minimum financial requirements in a partnership.

Read more about the responsibilities of licensees in partnerships.

Some trade classes also require you to maintain an occupational licence covering the same scope of work to be able to personally perform the work.

As a contractor—you require an occupational licence to perform work that is:

As a nominee supervisor or site supervisor—you require an occupational licence to perform work that is:

Last reviewed: 30 Aug 2021 Last published: 30 Aug 2021
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