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Trading name 

If you are trading under a registered business name, e.g. Smith Builders, you must include a copy of a Current Business Name Extract from the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC).


If you are in a partnership, you must provide a copy of the partnership agreement. It must state: 

  • the names of all parties involved 
  • conditions of the business partnership. 

If you don’t have a partnership agreement, you can attach a certified copy of QBCC’s Statutory declaration for partnership agreement (PDF 502KB) with your application. 


If you operate under a trust structure you need to provide financial statements for both the trust and the trustee when applying for a licence. The QBCC does not have the discretion to waiver the requirement for the trustee’s financial statements.

If the trustee is a company and has paid up of $2, you still need to provide a balance sheet that shows net assets of $2 and a profit & loss statement with $0 revenue.

Other documentation we may also require includes a:

  • Historical Company Extract— if the trustee is a company
  • Current Business Name Extract—if using a trading name.


If you are operating under a company, you must obtain from Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) a copy of both the:

  • Current Business Name Extract
  • Historical Company Extract.

These must be submitted to us with your company licence application.

A current company extract will not be acceptable. You must supply a historical extract for your company application or at any time your company changes its key personnel. This document cannot be older than 30 days from the date the company application is lodged.

The Company Historical Extract can be obtained from Information Brokers or ASIC Service Centres, as listed in the table below.

Information brokers Contact details
ASIC Service Centre
SAI Global
Australian Business Research
CITEC Confirm
Dun and Bradstreet

Last reviewed: 30 Aug 2021 Last published: 30 Aug 2021
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