Emergency Procedures


Changes to the fire protection licensing framework came into effect on 1 May 2021. 

The Emergency procedures licence class did not transition as this work is no longer licensed by the QBCC from 1 May 2021. However, this work will continue to be regulated under the Building Fire Safety Regulation 2008. The below information is for historical purposes only and should not be relied upon.

For more information go to the new fire protection framework.

Scope of work

  • Develop and approve emergency evacuation procedures for the controlled evacuation of buildings, structures and workplaces during a fire emergency.

Qualifications required

Please see Technical Qualifications for Licensing (PDF).

Managerial course

Completion of the approved managerial course.

Experience required

Two years experience, that may include experience gained during an apprenticeship or other training, in:

  • the scope of work for the class, or
  • other work, if the commission considers experience in the other work is at least equivalent to experience in the scope of work for the class.

Financial requirements

The relevant financial requirements in the minimum financial requirements.

Licence types

You can apply for this licence class as a:

Important note:

  • Interstate Applicants – may be eligible to obtain a licence through mutual recognition
  • Overseas Applicants – may have to have an overseas qualification assessed for equivalency prior to applying.

Registered Training Organisations (RTOs)

Registered Training Organisations issue formal qualifications to people who successfully complete training. Please note that the RTO list is a guide only and subject to change. We strive to ensure that the information contained is accurate and up-to-date.

Other qualifications can be:

  • apprenticeship papers
  • documentation showing you successfully completed the appropriate course for this licence class
  • documentation showing you successfully completed an equivalent course for this licence class (e.g. similar modules)
  • recognition certificate
  • a qualification of statement of attainment of the required competency issued by an approved authority for the licence class.

Recognition of prior learning

If you do not hold a formal technical qualification, you may be able to obtain it through recognition of prior learning (RPL) by a Registered Training Organisation (RTO). The following RTOs may be able to provide RPL services for this licence class.
Chubb Fire Safety Limited
41 Pentex Street, Salisbury Qld 4107
07 3722 4382
Rob Miles
DELTRA Australia
Level 1, 270 Orange Grove Road, Salisbury Qld 4107
1300 830 570
1300 863 930
Fire Skills Training Pty Ltd
223 Elliot Road, Banyo Qld 4014 PO Box 371, Albion Qld 4010
07 3333 2378 or 0422 378 378
Shannon Carter
Firefox Training and Compliancy Consultants
PO Box 73, Narangba Qld 4504
0414 850 065
Phil Underwood