Always use licensed contractors

The QBCC are protecting home owners, licensees and the industry by highlighting the risks of unlicensed contracting. You need a licensed contractor for building work valued over $3,300 or $0 for occupational work, such as plumbing and drainage. 

Unlicensed contracting is not worth the risk. You may not be able to access Home Warranty Insurance if you use an unlicensed contractor. 

Why you should always use a licensed contractor

It is so important to use a licensed contractor for your next home renovation project. Know how to spot an unlicensed contractor and avoid potential pitfalls.

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Find a licensed contractor

When you’re getting building work done it’s important to use a licensed contractor, as they have the relevant qualifications and experience to complete your job.

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Building or renovating

Find out how to begin your project, from choosing a builder, getting quotes and plans, to considering whether you want to do the work yourself.

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Paying for work

The laws surrounding how much you should pay for a deposit and for progress payments are very specific.

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Home owners blog

You can find practical advice on what to do and where to go when building or renovating a property.

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Report unlicensed building work

We need your help – if you see unlicensed contacting happening, report it to us. You can report unlicensed contracting here.

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