Building quality and control

The QBCC is promoting building quality and control by providing you with strategies and the knowledge to keep your work top notch and avoid defective work. ​

We want to stop defective work occurring in the industry, making it safer for those who live and work in buildings and minimising the likelihood of disputes. We have a range of resources on our website that will help educate you about your responsibilities.

Top 10 defects

We feature the top 10 defects and give you some technical tips on waterproofing with cavity sliding doors. 

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Venting requirements for domestic kitchen exhaust hoods

Read about the purpose and installation requirements of domestic kitchen range hoods in Class 1 buildings and some important issues for consideration.

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Defective work – roof flashings

Inadequate construction of roof flashing is a major cause of leaking roofs. It remains in the top ten defects identified by the QBCC building inspectors.

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What is defective work?

Find out what defective work is and the process if a complaint is lodged.

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Corrosion protection of joist hangers

Brackets/connectors need to have the appropriate levels of corrosion resistance for their intended for use.

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Handling customer complaints

Not all jobs run smoothly and customer complaints can happen. Learn the best way to deal with complaints with our helpful tips.

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Tier 1 defective work

There are tough penalties for tier 1 defective work. 

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