Pool safety inspectors

A pool safety inspector’s role is to inspect pools to determine whether they comply with the standard. If the pool is compliant, the inspector will issue a pool safety certificate. If the pool doesn’t meet the standard, a nonconformity notice will be issued after the inspection, unless:

  • the inspector reinspects the pool within two days after the initial inspection and is satisfied that the pool now complies; or
  • the owner and pool safety inspector agree that the inspector will carry out minor repairs within 20 business days of the original inspection.

If you have any doubts or questions about the inspection, ask the pool safety inspector for more information.

Engaging a pool safety inspector

If you want advice about your pool, the fence or a barrier, you can engage a pool safety inspector on a consultancy basis for advice only. 

For a pool safety inspector to conduct a full inspection and issue a certificate or non-conformity notice, there is no set amount. However, we encourage you to get a few quotes before engaging their services.

Some inspectors can also carry out minor repairs such as adjusting or replacing a latch or striker and removing climbable objects. An inspector cannot perform minor repairs if it is beyond their level of competence or outside their area of expertise.

Find a pool safety inspector

Search for a pool safety inspector online using Search for a swimming pool safety inspector.

You can choose from a list of inspectors in your area by searching under local government or if you are looking for a specific inspector, you can enter the name, business name or licence number.

You may also find an inspector within your local government, as they are obliged to provide a pool safety inspection service when requested. You may be charged a cost-recovery fee for the service.

I’ve been issued with a non-conformity notice but I don’t agree

If you want to appeal a non-conformity notice, you can do so through the Development Tribunal. To find out how to lodge an appeal, call 1800 804 833.

I want to make a complaint about the conduct of my pool safety inspector

We can investigate and take disciplinary action against pool safety inspectors who breach their code of conduct.  Complete a Form 1 Complaint form along with a Statutory Declaration that verifies the complaint and includes as much detail as possible (including measurements) together with any supporting documents and photographs.