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Rebuilding after a natural disaster

If you have been involved in a natural disaster such as a flood, bushfire, cyclone or severe storm, QBCC assists Queensland communities recover from natural disasters by providing technical and general advice on a wide range of rebuilding issues.

QBCC, together with other organisations, has developed a number of fact sheets and publications: 




Roof repair and replacement advice videos from James Cook University's Cyclone Testing Unit

Building contracts for use after a natural disaster

Demolition contract

This contract is designed for the demolition of a residential premises. While it may be used for any home demolition, it should be particularly useful for work involving flood and cyclone damage. 

Find a local contractor 

The Find a Local Contractor facility on our website allows consumers and contractors to locate a licensee within a specific area. QBCC licensees can register themselves via a number of different methods.
To find contractors not regulated by QBCC such as electricians, asbestos removalists or demolishers, contact the specific regulatory bodies such as Electrical Safety Office for electricians and Workplace Health & Safety for asbestos and demolition

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