Home warranty insurance

What is covered and how do I make a claim?

Building work hasn’t started

If work hasn’t started, we may reimburse the deposit paid under the contract. If work has started, we may cover additional completion costs including the repair of any defective work.

Building work is in progress (under contract)

If you've terminated the contract because your builder has defaulted before all work is completed, you may be able to get help to complete your project under the Queensland Home Warranty Scheme.

Common grounds for contract termination due to the builder’s default include:

  • a builder working under his own name as a sole trader, going bankrupt
  • a builder operating as a company being placed into administration or liquidation
  • suspension or cancellation of the builder’s licence.

You should seek legal advice to confirm whether you can and should terminate your contract.

Building work has finished and there are defects

Once building work is finished, the Queensland Home Warranty Scheme may help if:

  • the builder fails to rectify defects which have resulted in a QBCC Direction to Rectify
  • the builder becomes bankrupt or goes into liquidation
  • the builder is in another country or deceased
  • the building suffers from subsidence or settlement.

Assistance under Queensland Home Warranty Scheme

Should your complaint involve residential construction work and is not able to be satisfactorily resolved through QBCC’s dispute resolution process, your application will be assessed as to whether you may be eligible for assistance under the Queensland Home Warranty Scheme.  You are not required to lodge a separate form for this to occur. 

Please note the following strict time limits apply for some claims:

  • For structural defects you must lodge this complaint form within 3 months of noticing the defect
  • For non-structural defects you must lodge this complaint form within 7 months of the completion date

Additional cover

If your claim is approved, the policy may also cover:

  • reimbursement of reasonable cost of alternative accommodation
  • reimbursement of removal and storage costs.

The insurance policy outlines the conditions and monetary limits.

    How do I make a claim?

    Complete a Non-completion of Construction Work Complaint Form (PDF) and lodge with all of the required documents.