What documentation will you receive

If your builder has paid an insurance premium to us for residential construction work over $3,300, we’ll send you some important documents that you should keep in a safe place.

You'll receive a Notice of Cover, Tax Invoice and a link to your Product Disclosure booklet. 

It’s a good idea to familiarise yourself with the conditions of our cover so that you understand when and how you can make a claim.

Changing the contract value


If you’re decreasing the contract value, let us know in writing. Provide the new price and include a signed and dated copy of the building contract with the Variation Form.

If you don’t have either of these documents, send a Statutory Declaration confirming the change. Both parties must sign the declaration.


If you’re increasing the value, advise us in writing and we’ll amend the insurance policy to reflect the correct price.

If the change is substantial or you’re thinking about signing a new contract, please contact us on 139 333.


Depending on the change of value, there may be extra costs or a refund of the premium. These are forwarded to the builder who organized the initial payment.

Errors on your certificate or notice of cover

Contact us on 139 333 if there are errors and we’ll send an updated version.