Licensing Information Statements

In 2016 the QBCC ceased the practice of issuing Licensing Information Statements. All previous statements released by the QBCC and the former BSA were withdrawn in 2017. They should not be relied upon as representing the current law or the operational practices and procedures of the QBCC.'

For information on current licensing requirements and the QBCC's practices and procedures, we encourage you to reference the information currently available in our "Apply for a licence" section. This includes information about the scopes of work for all licences issued by the QBCC and other helpful information to assist prospective and existing licensees. There is also a “When is a contractor licence required” searchable database that provides useful information about when a licence is required for different kinds of construction related work. 

If the information contained on our website does not answer your query, you can contact us on 139 333 or lodge a general enquiry via our online portal, myQBCC. While the QBCC does not provide legal advice to our customers, we will do our best to assist you with your enquiry.