Watch out for dodgy pool inspectors

13 February 2020

The building regulator is encouraging pool owners to be on the lookout for dodgy pool safety inspectors (PSIs).

Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) licenses the 600 pool safety inspectors operating throughout Queensland, but the Commissioner, Brett Bassett warns some have been caught cutting corners.

“Most PSIs continue to uphold compliance standards but we do see some bad apples filtering through. Many complaints come from buyers, who receive a pool safety certificate at the time of sale, only to find out later that the barrier was noncompliant when the certificate was issued,” Mr Bassett said.

In the 2018/19 financial year, the QBCC received 59 complaints against pool safety inspectors. 26 inspectors received disciplinary action which resulted in fines.

Last financial year, 36,243 pool safety certificates were issued which included 29,161 for nonshared pools and 7,082 for shared pools.

Of the 7,082 certificates issued during 2018/19 to shared pools, most of those pools (24%) were on the Gold Coast and the second highest number (19%) were for shared pools in Brisbane.

The majority of 29,161 certificates issued to nonshared pools were issued on the Gold Coast and Brisbane (each 20%) and the next most were on the Sunshine Coast (13%).

Mr Bassett said there were signs to look out for, if you suspect a dodgy PSI.

“If a pool safety inspector doesn’t thoroughly inspect every aspect of the fence, they could be cutting corners.

“They need to do multiple tests to ensure the pool gate self-closes and self-latches from every open position, including resting on the latch.

“If they’re not doing this, then they cannot be doing a thorough inspection and may overlook nonconformities.”

For more information on pool safety and compliance visit the QBCC’s website at If you are concerned about a noncompliant pool, notify your local council.


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