myQBCC - how to update your details

You can update your contact and payment details at any time.

Updating contact details

To update your details, first log into your account and then:

  • click on the dropdown arrow in the top, right-hand corner near your profile name
  • select ‘My Profile’ to see your current details.

You can amend any details on the screen by entering the new information in the correct field. When you've completed your updates hit the ‘submit’ button to save them.

Updating payment details

You are able to link and update saved credit card details, however you will need to submit a Direct Debit Application to amend any details related to this function.

The form requires a signature from both the account holder and licensee.

Details you can't change

  • name
  • ABN
  • business partnership details
  • licence type.

Changes such as the ones listed above require you to fill out a change of details form to record the relevant details.

Changes such as the ones listed above require you to fill out a form and provide evidence of the relevant change, you will need to submit a Change of Particulars Form (change of details form is for certifiers, PSI’s and plumbers as they are licenced under different Acts).